Frank & Danielle


15 years ago we bought our first house in the Dordogne region of France.
We rented this out exclusively to people who wanted to go on holiday with their dogs.

Then we soon started dreaming of emigrating permanently to France ourselves, but the children were small and we had a family business.

Over the years we have bought a second house in the Lot and Danielle has already "half" emigrated; 6 months France, 6 months Belgium. Frank traveled up and down every two weeks.
In 2021, Danielle took the final step and Frank followed in 2022: sold everything in Belgium to start something completely new in France.

We spent a long time thinking about what we "really" wanted to do.
It had to be financially feasible, but without having to compromise on how we wanted to live our lives (you only live once!).
Of course, it had long been established that it had to be something about nature and animals.

After nights of brainstorming, researching, puzzling, rejecting, changing your mind, everything starts to take shape.

5 dogs and 10 alpacas later: in the meantime we have also entered farm life, Frank is now officially a farmer.

Breeding with the alpacas can finally begin.

From 2025, in addition to extracting and processing their wool, we will also organize walks with alpacas and a kind of tea time...

To be continued